Birthday presents

last night I fell asleep dripping with a smile.

It’s been a very long time since I had such a nice evening and play date.

A few weeks ago o the dancer, not to be confused with o the yoga teacher (although in description the are very much the same) said she was having a small dinner for her birthday. Food,toys and fun. I had really put it out of my mind. I didn’t want to over think it.

So yesterday came and after many detours (thanks MTA) I arrived at their apartment. They have a big beautiful flight cage full of song birds. The place was very much what I envisioned, a blend of things collected on their many travels. The small party became smaller due to the crazy weather/cold season. So there were just 4 of us.

The other girl C was nice enough, but something was just a little off. I can’t place my finger on it, but she left early, with many excuses, almost too many. “I have my period” “I didn’t know there would be play” “I didn’t talk to my husband for ground rules” “I have an early morning”

Aside from that she was attractive, articulate and semi-interesting. Lol, it was more like she was non-offensive, but nothing special (personality wise).

We had wine and small foods. I showed her all of the toys she had selected for her birthday. When we came in o handed us small gift bags, when we opened them they were pretty metal plugs with blue jewels, the same as hers. Mine the full size, the other girl, the baby version. She has just started training.

After she left, we went into the room, collar on and o with much care, clean, lubed and slowly stretched me until the plug was fully in.

Her husband had throat fucked me, not what I’m used to and my throat is a bit sore today. It did little for me, but he enjoyed it, so to each their own.

I gave her some birthday o’s and discovered she is not only a bit of a sadist, but also a madochist, she came as I found that one special spot on her clit and nibbled with my teeth.

He flipped her over, took out her plug and started fucking her ass as I was under her. 

A problem I had identified pretty early in sir and I’s relationship was what I referred to as “my vanilla clit”, meaning that the second a girl goes near it I edge, I was very worried over my lack of control, when it comes to revieving oral from a woman.

So here I am, trapped under 2 people and the phone is what seems like miles away. And what does she do? Yes starts licking, every ounce of will power I had …. But I didn’t cum, I did however break a personal record and edged 150 times in about 15 minutes.

After they came, she said she would like to dp me, this time I grabbed the phone and brought up sirs number.

Turns out she wanted us to dp each other. Both plugged, and an 18 inch double sided dildo. Again with such care it was cleaned, condoms on both ends and lube. I know in ge beginning she was moving it with her hand, but as I started to cum, Ther was no need, I took over and with just my viny muscles fucked is both. As I called Sir, I never recall what I say, I just know I beg.

I also never recall how much I cum, but I know I do until it feels like my body will break into pieces.

After we cuddled and laid there for a bit, happy and satisfied. She has a beautiful rive collection and all of us in warm robes went back to the diningroom for cake.

We talked and laughed, before we knew it it was after 10.

They would not let me take transit home, so into the car. They delivered me safe at home. I called sir and in my horrible disjointed way recalled most of the story.

He was happy I had such a nice time. For me it’s a comfort level. With the two of them, I am at ease enough to let my inhabit ions down. It has been a long time since I’ve been able to do that. Plus I woke up today, no bleeding, no cramping!:)

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