Just another Happy Friday

Some how my brain just shut down this morning. Knowing we were getting some bad weather, I made a deal with my boss to work from home. She was going to a hot yoga class near me and if the showers were gross she’s come get ready at my apt and in return I got to stay home.  It’s one of those super rare days that I have no meetings and aside from reviewing some (like 200 pages) documents, I have nothing else to do.

I get this green juice delivered in the early morning every Friday, so at 4 am I hear the buzzer….naked I buzz the guy in and he leaves it by my door for when I wake up. Sounds like a splurge, but it’s not. It’s cheaper to have them make it than to find all the stuff here.

Problem, I forgot to set my alarm, so at 8 am I woke up thinking WTF!!! lol, I had wanted to go to the gym before work, but that will wait until lunch.

Luckily minutes later my boss texted that all is ok and she’s headed into the office.

On the scale and I’m down 1.7 pounds along with a half an inch from my waist. It’s progress and that’s all I’m looking for. I know if I wanted I could be dropping 5 pounds a week, but I would not feel anywhere near this good. For forty I want to be healthy and feel like I have some sort of energy.

Yesterday was a weird kind of day.

Sir and I discussed (as a birthday present) installing a ballet bar in the living room. I went to the gym and after really looking at the modifications I make to take my Thursday class it became very clear to me that having a bar would be torture. I can’t turn at all on either knee without them dislocating. So imagine no spins, plus that would make me want to get a pair of toe shoes, my ortho said absolutely NO. My feet could not stand to go on pointe again and it took him almost a year to get me walking correctly without pain.  About 5 years ago I developed drop foot. My ligaments had given up and the pain was indescribable. He gave me shots every 6 weeks into multiple joints on my feet and ankle and by using custom inserts in my gym shoes I have had no real issues since.

Plus there’s the mental aspect. Coming into my apartment, that is just starting to feel like home and seeing a daily reminder of what you love and can no longer do. One day I might be ok with my limitations, but not yet.

I’ve been contemplating writing about all of the different kinky people I’ve met or become friends with and what they have taught me. I don’t know why but as my birthday approaches I want to look back and really dissect these past couple of years.

On another note, my “birthday brunch”, has no venue. Great work C. Let’s throw her a party and not make sure the place can accommodate us. Last night we spent an hour scrambling to find other restaurants and so far it’s a lot of call back tomorrow afternoon. All I get from her is it’s your birthday we will do whatever you want. Hint-what I want is to not feel like I’m throwing it myself. My requirements are simple. I write this crap for a living. Brunch, bottomless, can hold 30 people, set price, in one of 2 boros……that’s it. She keeps giving me places that don’t meet this. So last night I told her sure, we can have it there, enjoy spending an hour figuring out the check. That’s when she realized why I kept saying no. So by the end of the night I told her to go to a place right near her job, drop my name, her cousins name and my ex’s and problem solved, they will do a custom brunch and as long as they are not already booked, shut down the entire place (minus the bar) for us. I just can’t understand why she made this so complicated. She organizes fund raisers and gala events, this is just a damn brunch!

I also received a message from a very interesting local pro domme yesterday. It’s been a really long time (since o) that I’ve found another woman intriguing. She is super respectful and only a couple of train stops away from me. Looking forward to seeing how that develops. In the meantime, plans with Fet-girl are cancelled for tonight, so I’m meeting a couple for a drink later. Not super interested, but it’s better than spending a Friday night it. The female is sub, has fantasies of being Domme. She’s looking for a girlfriend of her own, outside of her primary relationship. It on paper has possibilities, but she’s young, almost too young.

I deal with Little R and her youth and inexperience is enough to drive me nuts. Don’t know that I want to invite another relationship like that into my life.

Guess I should go read some of this extremely boring crap………







7 thoughts on “Just another Happy Friday”

      1. I think it really depends on the person, Sir is much better speaking his words, as I am much better with a keyboard. I do believe every form of communication has its benefits. There are days that there’s just not time do to life, but I do this not as a chore, but as a benefit to us both.


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