Fake problems

ever meet someone that has fake problems? I’m taking about my dog has a bump, omg, he’s dying! 

Turns out it’s a pimple, 200 bucks later and the vet pops it…..(true story)

So said fake problem person asks “whacha doing” I say looking on zillow, I got my lease and my rent is going up. I immediately follow it up with, but I don’t need your help, because I’m not looking to move and my lease is good until July. 

The fake problem person jumps and says too late,……(crap) sends a great apt, too bad it’s a roomate wants not a rental.

I explain that im really ok, I just had a couple of moments and needed to see for the new price if there was anything out there better, I can’t really afford to move again.

She says”I’m done with you and l, you don’t want any help from me, it’s fine when you need something, if not you shut me out”

(Problem…. She is always in need, not us. She also never asks how we are, but because L didn’t ask how the pimple dog was doing, she doesn’t care. So I get the why didn’t you tell me? Tell you what? That I got my lease in the mail….your not my fucking husband, nor do you pay my rent and this is not something I’m worried about. Rent stabilized means it goes up, that’s life. Why would I tell you. Little does she know I’ve gotten rid of many close friends I’ve know much longer because they have assumed I think like them and brought drama into my life. )

As opposed to the fucking everyday drama that she is??? Yes, we are tired of it. Done, annoyed, pissed off. She would have turned me glancing at apartment to a full on house hunt in less than 2 minutes flat, why, cause if would have been a new drama for her.

It would have turned into OMG YOUR GOING TO BE HOMELESS!!! really, no, I really don’t need that.

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