Not my happiest Tuesday

I had horrible dreams. The type that make me doubt everything and anything.

Waking before the 5:30 alarm, i Got up and went right to the gym. An hour on the eliptical and I was semi-normal, but by the time I got to work I was numb.

Little R was very excited that I was coming over and I really couldn’t even fake it for her. It was my monthly crazy prep day and I was running all over the office. I was in hyper dom mode and got more done than most in a month.

My cousin is groupon crazy do aside from wine and dinner night, we also have a facial and massage planned. Gotta love her and her good gifts. My gift to her is a museum and fetish day. It should be lots of fun.

I’m home now and slightly getting over myself and my issues. Fet girl reached out and we may meet up this weekend. I told her that I’ve been very withdrawn lately. I feel extremely separated from life.  I mean I function, oddly very very well I’m just very detached.

Not sure why I’m like this, but…..oh well



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