Life sometimes makes you pass out

Highlights since last blog.

Cousin came in.

Boring g-spot class.

Poor little dog gets teeth out (#2)

Cousin gets Fet account.

We revive her sex toy business.

Plans are made for the future.

Little Chinese lady makes me cry.

L comes over for coffee.

Drama occurs in poly-land.

I have roll and roaster for the first time and still manage to weigh in and not be 140 at 40 (14 pounds left to go to my goal of 125)!!!

I’ve been so busy doing things to generally keep my mind from going to that dark place. @ more days until the birthday and I have enough planned that I even have to set aside time to write.

Funny thing I couldn’t tell Sir (to much mixed company when we speak. Yesterday we went for facials and massages. This 100 pound girl hit a spot on my ass that was so tight from all of the cardio and yoga I cried. real tears and as soon as she stopped….I mentally went “Oh SHIT”, the extreme pain from that cramp and pressure point made me squirt. No orgasm, but the good pain was so incredible and the release caused my body to think it was impact play. So even with no happy ending, a pain slut like me still gets relief from a good deep tissue massage.

I was having a really hard time with my birthday for a few reasons. The big one, I had no plan…no 5 year plan. My cousin was in the same boat, so after 2 days together…..we fixed that. We came up with something that will help the both of us financially, and career wise and with other personal issues. I’m not going to outline it here. I really need to talk or write a long email to Sir first to see if he agrees.

We have another 2 days of fun and adventures before she goes home and the snow moves in. I even came up with a plan for the snow. I’m going to keep busy with a nice little decorating project.

All of the excitement and stress and long talks lead to me passing out last night. I felt so bad that Sir was worried, but also that we id not have our tuck in call. It’s something that I have come to look forward to each night and I woke up feeling very off without it.




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