Last piece of cake

So one piece of cake is 2 hours in the gym, or at least in my mind.

Mom and I had a nice lunch, no snarky comments, no fights. I didn’t complain about my age. I even told her what Sir said that it was a big birthday for her too, since she is now old enough to have a 40 year old kid. She appreciated that.

The only time I got a little snippy was over her boyfriends birthday gift. For years I’ve been trying to convince her to get a tablet. She says no, she won’t pay for the internet service. Now all of a sudden her boyfriend wants to buy it and she agrees. Problem with that, it’s still my duty to find her the right one……so later I’ll be asking Sir for his opinion.

I had warned my cousin about drop and I got a midnight text that it was happening, I feel horrible I wasn’t awake, but at least she knew so she wouldn’t be thinking she was going nuts. It hit her the way it hits me…..the undeniable sadness.

I unfortunately dropped while I was out with my mother. It was sunny so I had my dark glasses on. I cried 7 times in car. All it took was for a song that had some kind of memory attached to it.

Later a couple of friends came over and we had sushi and wine. We chatted about nothing and everything. It was a good time.

Today is the last day of vacation and I’m at the last of my list. Gym, pick up a few things at the store, groom the dogs, take a long bath, then a late yoga class and then off to bed. Today I’m taking a day to just be with me. Even Sir noted I need some alone time as I’ve been filling every minute of the day with people. I need to recharge, so I can go back to work refreshed because right now I’m emotionally drained.

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