Reality check

the vacations over, back in the office and I feel as if I never left.

I only cried once so far, that’s not bad after a week off.

I had a nice visit last night from the widow. She explained so many things that I’ve already discussed with Sir and I now understand her much better.

Next time Sir is in town, we are going to have dinner and maybe play. This gets me a little nervous. Since I’m at work, Nope don’t want to deal with that right now.

I know a big part of it is because I haven’t seen Sir in over a month, plus when I have, I was not well. Funny that plays games with your head…. Those little voices start coming up. For now, shhhh, don’t have time for my doubts.

Fml…. Gotta go put out another corporate fire….

Side note: did you know that hitachis really do work on muscle pain??? 

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