thats me!

I hurt and I need a hug!

But…. I’m stuck at work. I don’t want one from little R because she’s been a bitch. 

I was talking to Sir last night. We were discussing my need of a domme, because with subbie girls, nothing happens aside from chatting and friendship and I said something to him in passing, that the more I think about it is really quite true.

I told him, im not a switch and don’t have a Domme bone in my body, I just like to give girls good pain. So I guess I’m a sadist, pain and cuddles are my kink, giving, revieving , It really doesn’t matter, I like them both equally.

I really don’t know why I’m in such a mood….

I hate getting like this and I always do when I play and Sirs not around. I have good play partners and they always give after care, but I never drop right away unless sex is involved.

Plus I miss sex, not random patty swinger sex, but real holes filled by someone you connect to sex. I miss looking in Sirs eyes when I cum. It’s funny because when I cum and he’s not physicAlly there I keep my eyes shut.


6 thoughts on “Cranky”

  1. I need a huge hug right now please. Serious sadness……I’ve lost my entire, reason for breathing, living, waking up, sunshine, evermore, infinite, complete reason for existing. I don’t know what to do.


  2. Thank you for the conversation tonight….I will talk when I am more accepting. I just can’t deal with everything right now. I am trying, focusing, anything, everything on thoughts other than what we are going through. It is so hard, suffocating. I am so undeserving of Him. I don’t deserve Him. He is there. In my thoughts. Reminding me. Every time I close my eyes. He’s there.

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