Easter Monday

after the adventure that Saturday was, sunday was very calm.

Up early and 2 hours at the gym. Over to my aunts for Easter (early) dinner. One cousin need to go to work, the other was so hung over, after one bite she went back to bed.

My mother made many comments referring to her sober anniversary and my cousins hangover.

After dinner a nice nap on the couch and then to moms to be tech support.

Back home, talked to sir and then bed.

This morning I’ve been chatting with Fet girl. Talking about possible plans for friday and both trying to figure out what we want/need and expect from our possible new Dom/domme. 

Shhh work is boring and lite, most people are sick or working from home.

I sent sir a few dresses im thinking of getting if, and only if, I don’t have to fork over all of my savings to the IRS.

Hope to find out later.

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