A new kind of list

So with the massive amount of yoga classes I’ve been going to, im always asked to set intentions for my practice.

Most days they are simple, make it through the next hour. Other days they are to like myself, or some variation of that.

Lately it’s been more external.

To forgive.

That’s the biggest one. My list is a mile long and it’s full of major things. It’s not the lady that pushed me on the bus or anything like that.

I don’t forgive, I move on.

This is something I need to figure out.

Also how to love.

It’s been said a million times, but if you don’t love yourself, you really can’t love others.

Most days I like myself, but I hardly ever love me. I’m doing better at showing myself love. I do this when I stick to my diet or stand up for myself. The problem is until I can forgive others I won’t be able to love me or those around me.

I’m lucky, part of my list for this year was to be more open and to get rid of my toxic realationships and I think I’m doing a decent job at that.

I may sound like I’m being blah, but I’m not, just killing time in my head until my next meeting.

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