Hope for a future

Yesterday was exhausting.

I said this to Sir and at first he didn’t get it. Only a few hours of sleep and then off to make certain that Fet girl and her Dom didn’t kill each other.

They ned to do an exchange after a very heated fight and I told them I’ll come as a third party to keep the peace. After much texting back and forth for them, some things they decided I would hold on to. Stuff she didn’t want him to use on others, but he brought for her, so ditto.

The exchange went well. She got her stuff together as I talked with him about anything and everything except what was going on at that moment. I really feel for them. They love each other so much, but just can’t keep the jealousy at bay long enough to figure out how to make their relationship work without resentment and anger.

After he and I went to grab some coffee and chat. We spoke of everything and nothing too so that she could keep the tears away. By then ….I was done. My plans for last night were already changed to today and I had in a nervous and stressful couple of days peeled half of my manicure off. So no adventures, just a visit to get my nails done and a night on the couch alone.

Funny thing was by the time I got back home and did my meal prep for the work week, it was already almost 8 pm and I was too physically tired to even enjoy the silence I had planned.

Doing as promised I checked up on her via text and told her I was checking on him as well. I learned a really important lesson last year, not to take sides. The last couple that broke up, everyone checked on her and no one checked on him. After his death I carried (and still do) a great deal of guilt. Thinking, what if I had checked to see how he was doing, what if I had not shut him out and told him I was thinking of him, that he mattered to.

They both were holding up and thanked me for putting myself in that very awkward position. Today I’m hoping for much less stress. I slept well and after a long morning of checking crap off of my perpetually growing list, some fun with friends and then off to the city to have a second drinks date with Domme D.

Hope this weather is not messing with Sir too bad. Only 4 more days until he arrives after the longest time we have been apart to date.


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