blog delay due to long therapy like texts with fet girl.

Her and Sir spoke last night because I was out with DommeD. Based on this mornings texts she took much away from the conversation and was very thankful that he reached out to her last night.

DommeD is turning out to be a truley interesting person. She stated last night that her relationships with female subs, she handles much differently than males. This due to the fact that females inherently have different needs and wants them men do.

She has to have a base friendship and full trust as she will open up to a woman much more than a man. Sir had come up with a list of questions but she has said she likes to let conversation lead to information, instead of the normal interview type meets. True to her word I found out much more about her last night and parting later than planned we still could have talked for hours more.

Scheduale wise I don’t think that Sir and her will be able to meet this trip, but I’m looking forward to them speaking. It’s going to go one of two ways, either they will hate each other or become best friends as they are too similar.

I still have so much to do prior to his visit. I also planned a couple of fun things to distract me and keep my fitness routine going. Tonight into hipsterville I go again, spin class. Hoping my coworker doesn’t pass out, she’s never been before. 

I woke up be ause I thought the dog was growling and it turned out to be my stomach. It goes nuts whenever I’m stressed. Funny it doesn’t matter if it’s my stress or not.

I may have mentioned this before, but as the time of him arriving gets close… worried. I fear im not the ala even girl I was before my illness and im afraid he won’t like what I’ve become. So in classic fashion im overthinking. I am also aware of this and trying to stop it before I get myself even sicker.

One thought on “Monday….”

  1. Don’t over think. It leads to stress and worries that are beyond your control and the literal illnesses it can bring to your body and mind. Let tomorrow worry about itself.

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