The introvert brain

this morning in the matter of 15 minutes i internally had 5 full discussions and wrote 3 blog posts. 

The problem… was all in my own head. The conversations never included others, the blog posts are now fuzzy memories and vague titles.

I realized what I was doing about 10 minutes in. A little girl on the bus had that same disconnected look on her face and her mother was pissed that she wasn’t paying attention.

One thing I’ll say for my mother, she never got pissed when I got lost in my head. She saw it first when I was three. She asked what was I doing and I told her I was talking to nana. She got worried and then questioned me a bit.

I told her I was excited to see her later and wanted to make sure I told her everything, so I was doing it first one the bus.

My one big problem with that is….. Most times those conversations, great ideas, they never leave my head.

It’s getting better….. This blog has helped and I believe I’ve gone from living 90% in my head to a solid 80%๐Ÿ˜ณ

8 thoughts on “The introvert brain”

  1. When my love isn’t around, I talk to myself all the time, internally and out loud. The things I’ve said today have not been very nice either ๐Ÿ˜‰

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