The masochist and the gym

I can’t even count the years that the gym or dance was what I used to curb my masochistic tendencies.  I often forget that going to the gym with non M types can lead to frustration.

In an attempt to not get board or because I was getting used to the same old pain I made a plan to change things up a bit. Monday a spin class on a guest pass at a new gym. I had dislocated my patella earlier in the day (popped it right back in) so on my pain scale I was at a 4. Still good to work out. Over a 6=no good. I went with L from work. She has done spin once and last 2 minutes. She also has bad knees. So 10 minutes into the class the adrenaline kicks in and I fell nothing but joy. I look over and……she’s going to die. I ask “you OK?”. Five minutes later…..she’s worse and says lets go.

NBD, we go and work on other stuff and an hour later head home.

Yesterday was Jump USA. I was so excited. Turns out we picked the worst class, no not worst, hardest for beginners. We also jumped around way to much before class. This time her friend hipster girl was with us.

Side not- unlike all other hipsters, I like her. She only looks a bit the part and I really don’t know her well enough to give her any other nickname.

She has recently lost a bunch of weight and I didn’t think she’d have an issue with the class. L on the other hand had been complaining since Sunday of acid reflux and after the spin failure, I worried more about her…….God was I wrong.

So again 10 minutes in I’m adjusting and the initial vertigo and shin pain starts to go away and I’m feeling like I can get through this. Knowing I’m going to hurt like hell, but it was really good on my knees. L leaves to the bathroom, comes back and gets right back into it. Then hipster…..”Oh my calf”…..CRap. So an injury, like good friends we all leave. The teacher a total pro is really sweet about it.

We go to the front talk to the guy at the desk and settle on a fusion class given on Saturday. She then confesses outside that she didn’t really hurt her calf, she just couldn’t jump anymore. So I told them new rule….we go to class together and one person hurts, they leave, they wait for the others. Now 2 days in a row I’ve had really shitty gym time and I need this to keep my head together. Poor L she then says ok, but I puked. I felt like a real POS. Poor L, she also said I felt so bad about spin, puking or not I was staying in that classroom for you.

So I learned….working out with vanilla girls is just not the same 🙂

We stopped for food as non of us had eaten. We had some nice chatting and made some interesting plans.

So when I got up this morning……no thought, straight to my gym alone. An hour of interval cardio and I’m better calmer, no longer upset. I go to leave and get a text from L, she’s headed to the hospital, her stomach is worse. I’m thinking that the days of us working out may be over.

In and odd and selfish way, I feel kinda good about how this turned out. Due to my ever advancing age I know gym wise I can out work out 2 26 year olds and it wasn’t even yoga.

Time to work and check on L.



7 thoughts on “The masochist and the gym”

  1. Exercise keeps my head straight. I used to swim a lot but My rotator cuff repair and then the spinal fusion kept me out of the pool. So I’ve been walking. Helps my attitude as well as my body.

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  2. Hmmmm… I have always always loved the workout pain – especially the post-workout ache. That really does go hand in hand with my masochistic tendencies! Never thought of it before!

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