3 nights of terror

last night marked the third night in a row of nightmares.

My subconsciene mind playing horrible tricks on me, bringing up the worst possible insecurities and fears. It’s like when I close my eyes my mind goes into overdrive.

They range from physical injuries to utter emotional betrayal. In each dream I am the victim yet the cause.

I’ve just been pushing them to the back of my mind, but today ….. I look haunted. The dark circles are something I can’t ignore.

It’s a combo of crap in daily life….

Last nights dream ended with me screaming at Sir to leave, get out. I don’t know what preceded it, but the feeling is something I can’t process.

4 thoughts on “3 nights of terror”

      1. I don’t remember what got me through it. Distance to the events that causes it usually

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