A short break

Oh it’s been so long since I’ve just sat. Two days in a row with mega work outs, feeling sore but good.

I put of blogging until know because I know Sir would like something to read while he travels. It’s been almost two months since we’ve seen each other. I spend the last few days getting the house and all the little things prepped. I put together a bag of I was thinking of you items for him to open when he gets in.

I have just enough time to get myself out of gym looking mode and back to smell good sub. Tonight should be a good social night. Meeting up with a good friend and seeing an off off Broadway thing, maybe stopping by a local semi private party. I know Sir has not been feeling great, maybe next trip will be better for both of us.  He put up with my health issues for so long, this trip is about making him feel better, so lots of pampering things in store. My goal to send him home with some nice memories of times with friends and feeling good.

Friday weigh in and another pound gone, half inch off the hips…..going to make a couple of work out adjustments and hope to get back into the big girl corset soon. Looking forward to the week the waist goes down and the hip levels out. Gone are the bad hip bumps, now to just get my ass lifted back up. Gravity is a bitch.

I put most of the mushy stuff in a written letter to him, so not going to repeat myself here. A funny, as I was cleaning the house this song came on and it reminded me of Sir, it sounds like something a really good Dom and for that fact a true friend and genuine person, would say. Thank you for making the long journey, see you soon Sir.I brought out your chair and my little old man of a dog is in his spot waiting for you snoring….yes I cheesed him for you!


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