Good Morning Sir

The list was all checked off and it was time to meet Sir. I had gotten there a little early and was reading my kindle. My brain is finally quiet enough to be able to read. Last week I was amazingly able to get through an entire book.

Sir was outside with one extra package, well wrapped and with a homemade rope handle. Off to meet smg. We had a nice quick dinner full of casual talk. Off to the theater to see the show. There were parts that were great and others that you really just shook your head at. The woman had a great voice and the weird stuff….well SMG said at the end….she really needs to edit.

Before we left Sir said to put in the luna’s, first time in almost a year I had both in and that was a big mistake considering the amount we had to walk and the luggage we had. One block away and one fell out, but it was attached to the other one….3 very long city blocks later Sir stops and says, “haven’t you been wondering who I’m texting with? Nope not really at that point I was just working on keeping the other in as I was chafing with every step. I should have named this the revenge of the Luna.

Turns out he was texting with Domme D. He had expressed interest in meeting her and she had agreed. Turning around to walk a couple of blocks from wince we came. We met her at one of the most beautiful roof top bars in the city.

As I walked in we hugged and he said “do you need to go to the bathroom?” YES!!!

I tried putting the Lunas back in but by that point I was dry and my lips were sore, so to my great relief out they came. We hung out for a couple of hours. DD was over conversational. This in hind site was much like our first meet. Sir saw why asking her direct questions was a difficult thing, yet she managed to give much information. He later joked he wished he had a ball gag. A long train ride home and we exchanged gifts.

The extra package my birthday present, finally a good coffee maker. I’ve destroyed 3 since I moved here and I’m a bit of a snob about my coffee, but Sir is too. I had put together a Sir bag of things that he could use or mentioned he’d like. A collection of little things over the last 2 months.

He’s been so ill that I also got the medicine reserve out and made sure to treat him as any good urgy center would, in hopes that he wakes up feeling much better today. He’s still sleeping, but I didn’t feel him get up all night, so I’m guessing the triple script cough meds may have worked.

My original intent was to wake up super early hit yoga and cardio, but Sir said no, sleep in. He has a couple of hours of work to do and I’ll go to the gym then.

On a cute note, the little old dogs were super happy to him, even though it means no sleeping with mom.

I forgot how nice it is too cuddle and only once did he tell me I’m too hot….my body turns into a furnace sometimes, with little warning.

Time to check on him and give him more meds. BTW, Sir, drinking the coffee and it’s amazing, thank you!

4 thoughts on “Good Morning Sir”

  1. Raaadiator baby! So glad you are finally getting to spend some time with Sir, even if he’s seemingly under the weather. I do hope you guys enjoy your time together. You’ve needed it immensely my friend! Tell Sir hello for me. XOXO

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