Damn…that was fun

So I’m skipping a big part of yesterday.

Off to the pm portion. Ever find a place that is your own personal wonderland? Yup, found mine! Everyone said the people not so great, they stick to each other, but the place…..worth the travel just to say you’ve been there.

Fet girl and her B-A-D came by and we chatted, had a drink….the social norm. Off to the far away party we went in full soccer mom style. As we entered they gave us little bells to ring for assistance. They had a full staff of submissives to help with drinks and questions about the equipment…..you’d think, really questions???? Oh yes, see they had all of this over head….stuff. Cages, balls, harnesses, racks….everywhere you looked……toys. Plus mirrors and chandeliers, If I won the lotto I could not have thought up a better space.

We played upstairs in and iron standing cage, we played down stairs in a bondage chair with the mask thing and clovers that you could adjust with a handle. The whole time I just kept looking up……..then it happened, Rubber man went up in this full body harness, think a leather standing cocoon. That’s when I said, if he can go up, so can I.

Sir and I looked at all of the many airal things and settled on a parachute like one. It was fun…well until I thought I was going to crash into a chandelier. It was an optical illusion caused by one of the morrirs but still really cool. At this time fet girl had made me a pretty rope harness, so breathing was a little strained to begin with. Off of that and they had these orbs…hanging cages you could put your hands and feet out or sit Indian style in. That was my favorite. I just hung out in subspace for a while. Coming down and standing again was a bit of a challenge.

We played with many things, no other people and that was ok, in a space like that….who needs anyone else. It was funny because as we were plating I’d hit subspace and then pop, right back up, like a little kid thinking…what’s next? Needless to say we were one of the last people out and we all seemed very happy with the night.

OK….back to the skipped part. Earlier in the day while I was at the gym Sir texted me that fet girl’s Dom was coming over for coffee and to talk. For me this is a really hard thing, I really like both of them. To see them hurt sucks. They are being childish, neither one of them is in the right and I honestly don’t know if they are ever getting back together. We heard the entire story from his point of view…..At one point I just had to get up and make my hands busy…it was long and there’s much water under that bridge.

I told fg that I really wanted to hate her B-A-D….but turns out he’s a seemingly nice (yet really crappy with implements) kinda guy.

Sir is still sleeping…guess I should wake him.

Cute side note….I woke up a couple of hours ago to feed the crying old dogs and when I went back to bed….sir wrapped himself around me. You think some Doms specialize in pain, others in behavior modification, but what I think Sir is the best at….early morning cuddles 🙂


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