back at work and I really have no idea what to write.


Back at work

Delt with my ex and more tax shit

The Russians in my life are still fighting

Yesterday we had a nice dinner with the widow. Good conversation and generally a very relaxed evening.

I’m bruised and sore everywhere from Saturday and the gym time the last few days. Today is my “off” day. No gym….

After the widow left Sir was feeling better and after a long break due to my health issues he used all of my holes. I went to sleep sore, but calm.

I have a crap load of work to do…. Guess it’s time to start it

One thought on “??”

  1. The IRS fucks my income, with no dinner, flowers or foreplay beforehand??!!! Well fuckity fuck!!! I don’t know which is better……the post or the pic!!! xoxo


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