A good visit

we didn’t get to do everything we wanted to, but it was a good visit. 

Good food, talks, adventures and friends. Sir is going home today, hopefully feeling better.

Yesterday was a good, hard and painful day. My promotion was finialized and I got the raise I need to allow the divorce to go through. In a few weeks my money issues will not be as stressful. 

I decided this morning im going to do 2 things to celebrate. First, if I see something I like at the trunk show tomorrow, I’m getting it. Second im starting a vacation fund. My plan to set aside enough money to take c to Cuba for her 50th birthday. I’m not doing this because I owe her from last vacation, but because it will mark 25 years of friendship and she’s been there in my darkest of days and is the first to be there equally in good times.

She was my first friend that is have adventure with, not kinky mind you. The type where you’d start out at dinner and 10 am the next day you’d be sitting somewhere laughing about the crazy night you just had. Plus we’ve always traveled, I want us to keep that up.

Hope you travel safe Sir! Thank you for a very nice visit.

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