The day after 

yesterday I was extremely worried about how my coworkers would take the news of my promotion.

There were 2 other people, one my work husband and one a more experience man in a position a level above me.

I asked my boss to please tell them in private and I can admit, instead of enjoying the announcement I felt horrible. Horrible for the others that didn’t get it.

After, the more experienced man came up and congratulated me. This morning I went in over an hour early. I’m sneaking out early today. We had a good chat, he said he knows I deserved the promotion. I told him I did feel bad and he said dont, I busted my ass and it’s a good thing they recognized it.

Next to come in was work husband. Little prick! No good morning, he ignored us all. So I sent a group message, him and old coworkers…..happy hour? Let’s make this happen! He laughed, he has 2 trips planned and the closest day we can figure is June. 

He also knew I was feeling like shit and he was just messing with me.

Funny how something so good can make me feel like shit. It reminded me of my first real office job. I was 21, every 3 months I moved up from trainee to level one, level 2, senior, assistant operations supervisor and finally, operations supervisor. All of this by the time I was not yet 23. With each big (not the 1,2 or3) promotion they transferred you. The reasoning ….. So you would never be in charge of the people you were once on the same level as.

I had great relationships there, once they accepted that even though I was young, I worked hard. Now, I understand.

On a happy note… is a sample sale day! Lol, I have no money, but little R is breaking a rule of hers and will let me use her black card if I find something good. So no gym, but that’s ok.

Sir got to see first hand the pain that I have after crazy lady’s class. Yup, that’s every week Sir. I told 2 new people, after 2 years taking her class…..I don’t hurt any less. It’s because she pushes you to be better every class. I really like that about her. It doesn’t matter your level of skill.

After class it was time to take care of sirs bad tummy. I fed him pastina, it’s a childhood thing that always worked (still does) whenever I don’t feel well. I hope he gets up pain free today.

In his morning email he said how nice it is that we take care of each other. That’s a very good thing. I’m seeing in many relationships around me….care is very one sided. With is its not. Lol, such a site me and my yoga pain, him and his tummy. Even still he offered a spanking if it would help, I declined(yes it was really that bad).

Off to earn my raise…..

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