Borderline Grumpy

Sir’s exact description of me yesterday.

I didn’t start out that way……Morning cuddles with the pups and an amazing 2 hour work out followed by some sauna time. I had to reel myself back in because when the day went to shit, I almost went back to the gym to hurt myself.

The day wasn’t exactly shit, but the people I most wanted to see canceled on me. C is under going some experimental infusion therapy for her migraines and it’s taking it’s toll on her physically. I was going to help her with the favors for my goddaughter’s party next week.

Old work husband is fighting with his wife again, so no belated birthday, promotion, his new job drinks. I can;t blame him for not wanting to celebrate.

I had to ghost on fetgirl, because the last thing I needed was to hear her go on and on about how she misses her Dom, who only says horrible things to her. My tolerance was at zero by 2pm.

I threw myself into organizing and meal prep. I cooked just about everything I had in the house, measuring and planning the next 2 weeks of food and freezing most of it.

I almost started taking out the summer clothes, but since the weather is so freaky I didn’t want to pack stuff away and end up freezing my butt off because I was emotionally letting my OCD go out of control.

Sir was tring to help, but the more he pressed about me learning to ride a bike or weighing the value of a pool membership against a yoga weekend, the more snippy I was getting. I even noticed the kiss of death silence I fell into at one point.

See what I was trying to do was avoid Drop. I literally texted every vanilla person minus my mother (one night with her was enough). The bride stopped by, but not for long. She has her own drama. It sucks but the bright side is she will be moving to my neighborhood sometime this year and I know she’s going to have a hard time because she doesn’t want to move, but it is going to be necessary to take care of a family member. Plus she’s getting a free house out of the deal and can’t complain.

Prior to our visit Sir hearing the stress in my voice, did want he knows will reset the anger. Clover clamps and plugged I become a much nicer person. With all of the time that was needed for recovery the anal training we had once done was pretty much gone and it was like starting all over again.

Sir made me take a bath (my time line of all of this is messed up). My body turned to mush right after and the possibility of going back to the gym was gone. At 9:30 I laid down to read and by 10 I was calling for tuck in. Today I was up way too early. I have more task crap to do and another long workout to get in before I meet little R for the afternoon opera.

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