How to fix the aftermath caused by subdrop?

That is a question for a reason. Please don’t read on thinking that I have the answer to any of this.

Let’s see …. The list of people I was mean to:



Little R

That just about covers the people (with one exception) that I spoke with this weekend. If I texted, I was much less offensive.

The list of people I ignored would take up too much room.

Yesterday after the worlds worst opera, multiple fights with little R and nearly passing out from starvation, I went home and put on the most comfy clothes I own. I knitted and ate! Then I realized since Sir left I’ve been basically ignoring the old dogs. We had cuddle time and my crazy girl held me as I cried and she cried and then when to was over they both attacked me to clean my tears, it was gross and cute at the same time.

My mother has left me alone, so I’m going to chalk it up to…..guess it was t that big of a deal and since I paid for dinner, she could care less about my attitude.

Funny how I don’t drop emotionally after a scene, that’s all physical, yet when Sir leaves……I put it off, but I can’t get past the drop forever.

I think part of the reason I get snippy with Sir is because I communicate the most with him and unlike other people I don’t lie to him, that is both a good and bad thing. 

I also find right after he leaves I get very resentful of people with more traditional relationships. I’m not talking about the D/s dynamic at all. I’m talking about the rest of it. 

That passes and when I return to normal …. I get a renewed gratitude for the life I have.

I’m slowly getting to that point now and as the weather is turning pleasent, my attitude is following.

4 thoughts on “How to fix the aftermath caused by subdrop?”

  1. Over the past week your posts have moved from denial, through anger and now closer to acceptance and all the stages in between. Perhaps looking into how to deal with grief and loss would better prepare you for what you are feeling and how to better cope next time?
    It feels very much like that is the truth of what you are writing. Maybe identifying what you feel you are ‘losing’ can help you two to come up with ways to maintain that connection every time your Sir needs to return home. Just a thought, hope it helps! ❤

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    1. Thank you, yes it does help.
      It’s a catch 22, at this stage of my life I can’t be with someone all of the time, I need my alone time and independence. I think this was so bad because it was a very long time between visits. The time and distance sometimes gets to me.


      1. Certainly understandable! Perhaps start by not hiding away from it in the first place? Allow yourself to grieve the day of departure …. and hopefully bounce back quicker. I’m afraid I really don’t know how else to do it, … Best of Luck! 🙂

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