Today was trucking along at a pretty good pace. Figured out the voting issues. Finished a slew of work. Set a new “maybe” budget. Last thing on my list….text the exhusband to say “where’s my paperwork” tax time crap. 

Insert bullshit answer from him here.

4/20 life got in the way…..

This is then followed up by a message from a person with proof that he has been with his current girlfriend for much longer… in when we were living together, when I was going through fertility treatments. So when I was having a breakdown and c saved me, he wasn’t playing cards. He was fucking her.

I told Sir I don’t have the energy to have emotions about this. A part of me already knew. That goes back to the matter of paternaty regarding her child. 

At this point I just want AUGUST to come already. Give me the papers, half your pension and (even though it’s no where near) we can call it even.

Enough of that crap……

I know Sir will be in a shitty mood today due to the very underhanded election crap that occurred yesterday, not going through that story on here either.

Last night n stopped by. She very excited that I’ll be taking her to her first party on Saturday. Should be fun. 

She turned to me last night and said ” you know we’ve been friends for a year?” How weird, time really does fly. Funny we met through her playpartner, who I’ve never met. 

Weird the places you find really good friends.

Tonight I’m going to meet a new couple……after yoga. I decided people are just going to have to work around my time table. I’m tired of bending to make others happy. 

Yoga should be extra amusing. If my other teacher can get out of her 9-5 a little early she’s coming as my guest ….. lol, I think she will enjoy the madness that is crazy lady yoga.

Guess I should pretend to work know.

I only have one meeting today and with my coworkers shitty attitudes since the promotion, im just gonna float. I would normally go around and ask if anyone needed help…..not today.

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