Late blog

too busy making myself poor, aka, paying bills on a Friday morning.

I’m better than yesterday.

I worked out …. Lots of cardio in a Colombian corset. So breath play at the gym. Then sauna, then pet store to hold a puppy. Yeah I know I have 2 super affectionate dogs, but it’s like haveing seniors instead of infants. Sometimes you just want to hold a baby to remind you how life starts.

My little girl dog attached herself to me looking for the puppy when I got home, crying and trying to find it. Poor girl, so much like her mother.

Good news on the scale today, the progress continues.

All the bills are paid until next pay check.

I have just enough cash to by food and have a small amount of spending money.

So all good things….that im numb too. I feel nothing and im glad.

4 thoughts on “Late blog”

  1. I think you’re in a spot with a very high cost of living. I only visit there when my costs will be paid for on my expense report. On another note, do you still dance? I seem to recall that you are a dancer…

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      1. I understand. The dance theater where I am on the board has a full time therapist and therapy room. There are many nagging injuries and sore muscles to contend with.

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