What’s a girl gotta do to get a spanking around here?

Last night turned out to be much more fun than I had thought.

SMG was waiting outside yet another nondescript Manhattan building. Into the party we went and BG was there. Spend a few minutes hearing about her Europe trip saying hi to this one and that one. We managed to even secure a comfy couch prior to the main event of the evening. It was time to meet the slaves up for auction.

I had secured myself a nice wad of cash, my only purpose being to purchase a service top. As I looked around there were only 3 Doms that I knew there and everyone else was either with them or unknown. After they introduced everyone up for bid, my heart sank, not one Dom?????

At this point I was casually talking to  the rigger Dom from down the block. We had been traveling in the same circle for over a year, but never spoke. I mentioned that it’s some crap, not one dom and said what’s a girl got to do to get a spanking around here?

Two minutes later, a last minute entry…..but, I had given my cash to a girl in his group already. He offered, but knowing what normally happened, I held no hope. He was going to be  busy tieing people all night.

That left 2, both of them the party hosts.

I socialized, watched a few scenes. There a possibility of someone I know showing with a tens unit, but that didn’t pan out.  I realized I took it for granted all of the times I would go out and fetgirl and her Dom would be there. All I had to do was say something slightly smart assed about D types and with seconds I was getting the spanking that I wanted. Last night it had nothing to do with want or play, it was a damn need. I needed a reset. My mood was beyound sad…..

I went to go call Sir and check in. I gave im a short run down and repeated to him What’s a girl gotta do to get a spanking around here? The Domme throwing the party over heard and chimed in…..Is that your Dom on the phone? I said yes, she said I’ll spank you if he’s ok with that? I almost jumped for joy and then remembered, I’ve never had a female get me anywhere near the pain level I needed at that moment.

So I wasn’t going to push. Back inside a few minutes later she secured a bench and I assumed the position. Since I was an unknown to her she started slow and when she checked in that I was ok, I said only one word…..Harder. For the first time a woman gave me the inpact I’ve only been able to get from a man. She was good and mixed up the impliments and impact from slow to fast, hard to sesual. Asking if I was ok, all I said was more….please? She had warned me if she went anymore she would leave marks and by that point I didn’t give a damn what my ass would look like today. I was searching for the tears  Could have been minutes or seconds and one change of her tool and they came. I cried and the flood gates opened. All of the stress evaporated.

SMG said she saw the second I went non-verbal. That was really the first time she had ever seen me and the need I have for pain. I wasn’t searching for an O. There was no need for a call to Sir. This spanking was totally medicinal.

When I came back to reality a big hug and much thanks, telling her I just really needed that. From that point on I was smiles and laughs.

N had been watching everyone that night and nearing the end told SMG that she wanted a seen with the third Dom. Up on the cross she went. A total virgin to the community. today she thought she was up there for 5 mintes, but it was well over a half an hour. He was very careful with her and pushed her just enough that she had her first ever O from impact.

Today I made sure to check in on her and after a family lunch with C, I went over to her house and we chatted as she got a fest ready for her very large family. She was glad and said if I hadn’t done that she would have most likely stayed in bed all day. So far no good girl guilt, but she had much more of a physical drop than emotional. I’ll be keeping a close eye on her in the next few days, just in case.

Since last night my head is much more clear and my focus isn’t irrational. There was a point yesterday that I almost did a freak out on Sir. A fine combo of too much stress mixing with my period and I was ready to say, that’s it, I just can’t anymore, but I decided instead to say “what’s a girl got to do to get a soanking around here?” and that worked out just fine 🙂



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