The pitfalls of empathy

This was something I was trying to explain in my very subbie post last night.

I feel for people. Not the “oh wow that sucks” type of feeling. I let people in and their every struggle becomes my own.

I think it’s something that is a good thing, but I find that feeling so much can also screw with your head.

Sir knows this, or at least he does now.

He said he had a correction to my post of  “listening to too much bad, forgot the good. Forgot he takes care of me”

should be “listening to too much bad, forgot the good. Forgot he takes care of me; and I take care of him; and we both sometimes forget how well we take care of each other”

To me that means the world. I’m used to giving and taking care of everyone, I’m not used to getting that in return. lol, don’t get me wrong I will bitch about it, but I’ve accepted that’s the way things are, except with Sir.

What I was doing wrong was seeking good pain to balance off the bad pain I was absorbing from everyone else, but I was forgetting the pleasure part. 

I was…. Over-denying myself, to the point of punishment.

See I thought I would do this with the gym, but I’ve ended up doing it with nearly everything.

So thank you for last night sir, it might not have been my 500 edges record, but 33 cums in a minute is a pretty good record:)

Today I have no less bad stress coming at me, but mentally im not soaking it in as I was. 

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