Ppw minus a p

the world said stop don’t go… Now I’m here so tired, so tipsy, waiting for a train.

There were train issues, I walked out of my house and the heavens opened up in a crack of thunder and rain,

3 trains later, I make a wrong turn ending up in the hood…. Go really quick the other way, calling Sir.

Most of the girls cancelled for tonight. It was three of us including the host.

The other girl was familiar…. Long story, but we know each other. She had a date with her sub guy and that left me and ppw alone. 

She wanted to “cuddle” or as I later found out, torment my poor clit. Sir was sick and called to say he was going to sleep, so by the time I found out it was too late. She strapped my feet down and I edged 259 times… I begged and pleaded and cursed, but I surely didn’t come. Plus I scratched the hell out of her back. We had fun and true to her word there were cuddles.

She tired to get me to stay the night, but her husband came home from work. He left after fixing her Doms quick food and returned when the local bar closed.

He had the I’ve waited long enough look so I stepped to the side, proceeded to get ready as they has a quicky. She came out of the room holding her stomach as I used to .. Pain on her face, I have her a sweet hug and told her one day… It won’t hurt anymore.

Her husband walked me to the train, the neighborhood is still in transition. I’m tired and I just want to be home, just2 trains to go 

Cloud People

Originally posted on 3isright.

I like this phrase and I’ve endured more than my share of cloud people!

There are a number cloud people in our lives. They appear out of no where, they disappear just as quickly. They bring blue skies or very stormy skies, they always change your internal sky. Many times they bring drama- good and bad drama- yet you can never touch them. You can feel them, you can […]


TGI…. not my drama

long story, but I’ve been up a good part of the night.

Another relationship bits the dust and my friends are all breaking apart.

It serves as a friendly reminder to appreciate what I have. Oh it’s not that I’m saying Sir and I have the perfect relationship, but for us it seems to work.

There are times I get blue and lonely and that’s when I start getting….for lack of a better word paranoid. I will have those crazy doubts creep up, but at the end of the day, I trust him. I trust that if he meets someone new or plays with anyone, he will tell me. I’m coming across so many relationships that the communication sucks and the honesty is just not there.

There are still times I miss a more traditional relationship. The coming home to someone, the sharing of responsibilities. The living life as a team part. Not the rest. My analytical brain knows I generally do better on my own. Meaning, my house is calmer, I may not have a savings, but my bills are paid on time…..well almost (damn I was supposed to send one out this morning).

Crap I’ve been interrupted so many times…. I don’t even know where I was going with this.