Nervous Nellie 

so I’m nervous…..but trying not to be….lol, doing a pretty shit job of it.

Had a good long talk over coffee with my boss. We discussed handoffs and work stuffs. Email and cell (personal) exchanged. He plans to open a nyc office and already has a list of people he wants to staff it and im at the top. Sadly it will take a couple of years, so in that time my plan is to get this company to teach me as much as possible. When I leave if his plans fall into place, I’ll be a director and not some shitty mid management like I am now.

Last nights yoga class went over by a half an hour. Add that to the 30 minutes at full masochist speed I did on the treadmill and I got home walking like I was 100 years old. 

I need the rain to stop.

It’s funny because doing yoga hurts much less than walking. I noticed that last night. The rain makes my knee unstable, that throws out my hip, in turn throwing out my back. So now I limp…..ugh.

I slept with lidocane patches, one on each hip and one on my lower back, but my left hip is still not right.

I kinda wish I had an estim machine for truley medicinal purposes, maybe I’ll try the hitachi later?

Hmmm, what else?

Planning a big group to go to a party in a couple of weeks. It always starts out so well and then im lucky if 5 show.

The russian novel continues. They are not taking the fight public on social media. 

Little R has officially run out of drama. So now she in needy complaining little mode.

5 thoughts on “Nervous Nellie ”

  1. Job opportunity sounds exciting! Yays!! I feel you on the knees and hips and back problems, that sucks! Only moving and bending at half capacity myself. Thinking of trying a tens machine … better then all the drugs and it works for the chiropractor so why not give it a go!

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