Good Morning Sir

Sir and I have many routines. I don’t think of it as protocol, I’ve been asked if it is, but no it’s routines. One is the morning email.  For me it’s a nice 2 minute break as I’m getting ready for the day to say hello.

The last few days have been busy and my normal routines have flown out the door. I even left work sick one day. That is so unlike me. My body was just not fit to be around others and the amount of general nose blowing is terrifying.

During this all Sir and I have spoke and written and stayed in contact, but …. I’m just feeling alone lately. Yet everyday I’m surrounded by people. All different people, but…I miss our good dinner talks.

I have taken steps to fix some long standing issues physically. Things and pains I’ve just dealt with. So this week will be filled with doctors appointments, the gym and even a couple of social events and a possible adventure or two.

There was a brief written conversation we had last week. Something that we never really talked about and that’s a comment I had made about my collar. I had said something along the lines of it not being a really important thing to him. He said of course it is. What I never said was why I had made that comment. See my collar….well, when I started wearing it he said it was only for play. Since then not the actual tangible thing but the representation of it means more.

In the beginning he said that wasn’t his way of marking his property, so I’ve always taken it as more of a symbol to others, not to him. Funny it’s starting to wear away, worn to much, shabby looking. I’ve thought many times of asking if we could replace it with something made a bit better. I haven’t due I guess in part to sentiment. My first Dom would not ever even talk about a collar. Or no correction, he said sure if you want one go buy it but it will mean nothing, it will be yours. Sorry Sir I guess this is just one more time others shitty actions reflect on you, wrongly.

So getting caught up….Vanilla wise, yesterday was filled with 4 hours of train rides and an equal amount of time in a church. Sinus infection and churches really don’t go. I’m super allergic to the incense and it was torture. Luckily at hour 3 1/2 C saw that and gave me an out. Problem the out meant another 2 hour subway ride. I was sneezing so much that I was ok with that option. Old work husband and I caught up last night. He even brought his wife out (that hardly ever happens). There relationship is really strained and just sitting with them you could feel the stress.

Kinky wise, today is the munch. I’m not that stressed about it, even if no one shows, I’ll have my little group there and I’m using it as more of an excuse to introduce people that will meet at next Fridays event. Worst case…there will be 6 of us there and for me, that’s enough. I’ve also had to play nice on Fet lately. The messages I normally shoot down from I have to respond as a munch leader, instead of a Sub. I hope I’m doing an ok job at that. Tomorrow should be interesting. I have an afternoon date with a Domme that I find really interesting and unlike Domme D, she is not a-sexual, so maybe my long streak of denial will end. I miss calling Sir and begging to cum. I just realized how very long it’s been. Oh and Domme D wants to play again, problem is going to be my lack of time. I’m trying to get as much of my medical stuff done while I still have good insurance. It really is a large difference in co-pays from one insurance to another and I refuse to spend every last dime on doctors, when I’m relatively healthy.

Time to go wash the hair die off and get to the gym. This will be the last time I get to sit for many…many…many hours.

 Your mushy slave

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