A priest and a Rabbi walk into a munch….

Think of what the most bizarre things can happen in a munch and that was yesterday. (insert hour long conversation with little R to distract me from writing). Side Note- she got a new job and work will be weird without her. I guess even though she’s a big pain in my ass I’ll miss her always being there.

So back to the munch. I’ve gone every month now for over a year and when the leader asked me to fill in for him, I was honored and nervous as hell. There was a girl that had moved away and it was her birthday, so he didn’t want to change the date.I decided to invite everyone I know in the lifestyle and try to make it more of a comfort zone. SMG met me at my house so we could walk the few blocks together and when we arrive……there’s a communion party. Now this bar never has more than 5 people on a Sunday and now it’s packed! I think…crap. I don’t have admin rights on Fet so I reach out to everyone I know. L and M show up and we all laugh at how crazy this is and turn to see a rabbi walk in. I lost it laughing, it really was the start to a bad joke.

Eventually the party starts wrapping up and more of my friends show along with the birthday girl. We finally take over our normal spot and by then we were a nice group of about 20. Bg came along with Fet girls Dom and everyone was talking and having a good time, when in walks the Rabbi again, yup turns out he’s one of us. I do what I’m there to do and introduce myself. He said he’s been there once before and wasn’t greeted kindly, so I made up for that. Turns out he’s sub and very private about his likes. I introduce him to the one Domme in attendance and they seemed to hit it off.

The birthday girl on the other hand was a real bitch and she was even worse because not one of her friends showed up. Not even the guy that was bringing her cake. So what happens when a bratty baby girl gets pissed? She tries to start shit. Telling one person the fet girls Dom was inappropriate with her, telling me that another friend was. I looked at her and very loudly said ….what would you like me to do? I will speak to him or ask him to leave or would you like to sit over there …far away from him??? She said no, I just thought you should know, since he is a newbie and stranger. So I told her, no he’s not, he’s one of my friends and here your the stranger today. I guess she heard I was Sub and thought I would do some bonding girl power bullshit and feed into her need for attention. Turns out all the two guys did was wish her a happy birthday and ask if her friends were coming.

I went outside and by the time I got back in they were gone, thank god! As I’m outside the Rabbi comes up and thanks me for the warm welcome. I invite him back and he was shocked but happy. Then he tells me if I ever decide to change orentation to remember he’s a sub… Yup I got hit on by a rabbi. There’s more to this very weird night, but it’s time to hit the gym…..

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