Just, wow…

and as I think that I’m going to drop like a ton of fucking bricks from that.

I’m still a bit subbie and on a damn uncomfortable subway seat, yet again.

As far as group play and play outside of sir and I…. That may have just topped the first time. I still use that to measure all scenes.

It was the right measure of pain, pleasure, bondage, denial and the one final explosion. 

I have no names for them. Originally it was just going to be girls, but her partner came home early. I’ve seen many many scenes with them and they are well known, so my normal fear was oddly gone.

The two of us met for a drink and chatted about everything, not one subject untouched. 

My minds a little foggy. 

She asked if I liked rope, but her skills aren’t good. He came home and he asked if it was ok if he tied me. He tied my hands to a suspended spreader bar. It looked like beautiful gladiator bracelets.

She told me to keep my bra and underwear on. We had gone through her toys collection and settled on some amazing thuddy stuff, my clovers and hitachi (encased in a rubber glove) that’s where I go spacey. I only stayed tied for the warm up. 

Then to the bed. Lots of hitachi and impact and edging. There was some breath play and I had asked for water. We took a nice break and to my amazement I let her hold me. I normally don’t allow after care, but in the moment it felt right.

She had gotten her period, so the sexual side was cut short. He had said after my reactions to her play were great, the way I moved was a dance and very erotic….

(Pause to help very lost brizalian tourists.)

Ok now I’m on my second very uncomfortable train.

So one thing I really liked is they kept me moving, they even had wedges like at the chiropractor. At one point I had my clovers on, legs in a butterfly position, hitachi on my clit and I was balancing a glass of water in my left hand. Not one drop spilled as I edged….. I think that was only a minute or so before I called sir to cum. 

I don’t remeber much but damn did I need that….I do remeber saying thank you Sir and they thought it was the cutest thing ever. 

Lots of cuddles and water and a chocolate … Some good conversation and I headed home. 

I was either expecting her to cancel or maybe it not to be good outside of a club, im so happy I was wrong.

So again, thank you sir.

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