Busy, just busy

everyday seems like at least three days in one.

Went to the pain management doctor and I have a sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Pretty funny since most of yoga is balancing on those joints when seated. The solution, really large shots into the joint to bring down the inflammation. 

I hate needles, really hate them. I’ve had these shots in my feet, mr ankles, my knees…..now I’m adding the hips. Every decade it moves up my body.

But…. If it works I’ll be back to a relatable pain free life, lol, or at least walking will be easier.

So the next week is work, gym, social life, doctors and trying to get ready for Sirs visit. At this point I have to even set aside time to get him food, my calendar is really that tight.

Again my way of trying not to drop, I guess. Or just a coincidence?

My mood is much less funky than yesterday. I was just a mush and now I’m getting better. 

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