Well it’s been a really long time since I’ve written about my dreams, or hell even had any worth mentioning.

I think this is more a new version of an old dream I’ve had many times in the past.

Maybe it’s home or a hotel, but it’s and unfamiliar place. In the beginning it’s just Sir and I. I am so nervous, that always adds to the wetness. He is calm with just an edge of excitement under his Dom voice. Just that little edge and I know there’s something a bit different planned.

(lol….important side note: I’m at my goal weight and extremely comfortable in my skin.)

I have nothing but my collar on and really heavy eye makeup, so I’m a little shocked that he takes out a blindfold. This one is new and has a secure strap, but not like mine as there is no ball gag.

As he has said many times in the past I am his and I will suck, lick and fuck whoever he says. He tells me to lay on the hitachi and he puts the blind fold on, petting my hair, telling me I’m a good girl as I slightly shake.

I trust him, so I know I’ll be safe. I keep saying that mentally as I fell other people enter the space. I’m still face down, still edging. People are talking and I recognize some voices but pin point no one as my mind is already fuzzy and my body is shaking worse. I start begging and he says no 😦

The tears start and as they do I feel the soft kisses of a flogger and a hand in my hair again. The impact gets harder and now it’s changed to something stronger….a paddle maybe. I feel the sharpness of maybe a knife or the clawed gloves on my back, at this point I start to purr and move with the feeling, jumping with every impact then back to dancing with the sensation. Then it stops…all of it. Sir tells me to cum and I imagine who ever is there watches as I let loose and start to let go.

Sir gives me water and sits me up. I know this is just the warm up for tonight. I float sitting and Sir says to remember what he told me earlier. I am place on all fours with my hands now bound and my ankles the same. I recall thinking well at lest the Hitachi stopped, then I feel it again being held by a strap, no escape for my poor clit. I feel someone near me and he says to open my mouth as a cock slides in. He tells me if I do a good job I will have many O’s tonight. The impact starts again as a hand in my hair turns from gentle to pulling and forceful as I take the cock all the way in and swirl my tongue around it.

The clovers are being put on my nipples and he sits me up, removing the cock from my mouth. The chain of the clover inserted in place of it so as Every hit strikes my ass I pull my own nipples and the clovers tighten. This goes on forever as the crying turns to streaming tears and I beg as loud as I can with the damn chain still in my mouth…Just saying please Sir over and over. My cunt is a dripping mess and all I want is for it to be filled, but no not yet.

Back down face first, ass up the impact stops and I cry……cry that it stopped even harder than when it was happening. Then I feel something cold on my slave hole and know it’s the metal plug…the stretching is slow, methodical and in the back of my mind I know it’s someone that’s done that before and before I can piece it together, the clod metal goes in and out comes a good deep pain moan. I feel a cunt in my face and I know I have to cum, so I lick as though my dear life depends on it as just as I fell her starting to cum, Sir tells me when she does I can and we both come as I lick and never loose pace, her orgasm being the more important one.

Sir says that I’ve been a very god girl and turns me around, undoing my hands and warming them for me. The other people in the room are to my back so it is still in my submissive state just the two of us as he tells me to stay ass up and spread my legs wide as I fell a hard cock (or hell it could have been a strap-on) enter my cunt hole. Now it is my turn to fuck who he says and as I do his hand goes around my neck and I float and drip. He takes the blindfold off, my beautiful makeup now just streaks of black running down my face and my eyes begging him to come…Begin him for more, begging him to call me his good whore. and he counts back from 10 and I fuck that cock harder and as I come I am only looking at him…only showing him the feelings attached to that exact moment.

I woke up before I could find out who or even how many were in the room.

I now realize that a year and a half later, my dream that I’ve had a version of for so long is really just a compilation piece of all different scenes I have experience in that time-frame.

So when I woke up at 5:30 there was just no falling back to sleep.

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