Letting the Domme Out to Play-Part 1

So with all the anger and crap from Friday’s work day and not being able to get a good spanking I only had one viable option left.

I got home and I’ve been picking up things I liked clothing wise for the past couple of month (totally on the cheap) and making them goal outfits. I was pretty sure a dress I brought on my birthday would fit and I had an idea…..

I am sometimes a bit of an attention whore. It’s a part of me that really hasn’t showed itself at the parties. There was just enough time to get ready. Hair- big wild and curly, Makeup with eyes as dark as night and the new dress, my good old corset and knee high 5 inch spiked boots. I texted N- you have to see this I just made myself into Fetish Barbie. Hell I even went to victoria secret and brought a new black thong. Little known fact- I hate thongs!!! The outfit really did call for it.

I knew I couldn’t do anything really sexual since I had gotten my period. The hard impact was out because I need a clean ass by Tuesday for my hip injection. Also in the back of my mind was a little voice saying…..whatever you do don’t play with Fet-girls Dom. I really did think she was going to show up unannounced and I sure as shit didn’t want to be in a scene with him when that happened. Nor did I want to get nasty texts from her the next day. So 2 out of my 3 resolutions were kept.My other motivations for he outfit were amusing (at least to me) I knew it would be something Sir would love to see, but not something we could go out in. It was not play friendly, meaning you couldn’t get to my tits 🙂 and he hates hair that he can’t run his fingers in. The last reason and one that for my personality is the most unusual, I wanted to get the attention of the couple I played with on Monday, mainly ….hers.

The plan was meet at my house by 10 and get there by 11. N l and m all showed up with in minutes of each other and by the look on their faces when I opened the door- I had succeeded in my S&M (stand and model) look. We met fet-girls Dom and smg outside of the party and were all in a pretty high and happy mood. My original invite list was 18 strong and 7 ended up showing, wich for this group is a pretty good number.

Fet girls Dom had a most interesting reaction to my outfit, saying wow this is a side of you I’ve never seen and laughed. I told him tonight he has a partner in Domming and all I want to do is beat pretty girls.


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