The rest of the weekend…..

the next morning I woke up and chatted a bit with Sir and everyone else. Still way to sick to get out of bed. 

I found out yesterday the reason…. Turns out after my last scene someone handed me a glass that I thought was water, but Nope, it was vodka…. Big oops. I am so not russian.

I managed to rally and keep my plans with little R to meet in union square. A quick stop at century for the cutest baby outfit ever and then a junk store for the classic old CHINESE lady rolling bag. I knew better than to think I could carry anything, as walking was enough of a challenge. 

We met, we shopped, we trader joe liquor stores to the tune of 25 bottles. She’s having a birthday party and I have a very empty wine rack and Sir visiting, so I like to have a selection on hand for entertaining.

In the midst of this FGD was also in the city on a date. We planned it to meet up on his way home so I could get the gloves back to him. As luck would have it….. A few seconds before he pulled up it started to rain.

He was passing through Bklyn and had nothing pending so he dropped me for my second half plans and R home.

So the dancers returned …… 

They are redoing their apartment and staying in bklyn. She’s pregnant and I mean really pregnant. They invited me over for a bbq and a calm night. It’s been 2 months since they had a day off. My hip by this time was horrible…. I gave him a bottle of champagne and her the outfit.

It was nice, but there’s no way I could think of play. The weirest part….it had nothing to do with her being pregnant. Guess I’m getting over that part of my life and letting go of the resentments associated with it.

And technically I already slept with her when she was pregnant so I made a joke that it’s one thing I can cross off the bucket list. All in all it was a nice calm night and I got home around 1ish.

Then sunday…..

Up early, too early. Shopping with mom. The only highlight of that was fitting into a size 4 pants. I really do need to get back to the gym tonight… It was a hard three days and I can’t start to slack off now.

After I had plans to meet a couple for drinks. It took like 2 months to plan this and I wasn’t super excited. At times the guy was more of a pest than anything. Not pushy, but like l….he has too much free time during the day.

Turns out, they were super nice and she cute in a really girl next door way. She has this curly wild hair that I discovered I really like from playing with pizza party girl.

So after 4 hours of chit chat and laughs I finally got to head home and sit down. We made plans… To make plans for another meet. 

I told sir I have all these little finger print bruises on my arms and today it turns out a “hickey” on my neck. 

I’m going to bet it’s a bruise from friday on top of a bruise from last monday.

Little R saw it and she said oh a hickey… Then pushed in it makng me wince and said oh no… That’s a bruise.

So bruised and battered I sit here at work, tired and making lists of all of the things I have to get done before sir arrives.

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