i didn’t know until today that every morning I wake up and have trouble getting out of bed. I guess I got used to it????

Yesterday was crazy, so no blog and then by the time I could write, the pain was on a scale of 1-10, a 100,000. I couldn’t sit at the desk and I couldn’t make sense out of my phone to even try writing. I was fast asleep thanks to some left over Meds from c by 10.

This morning…. I just got up. The first time in a long time I sat up like a normal person!!!!

I had got up early yesterday, cleaned the house, did an hour at the gym, all before signing into to work from home. All hell broke loose In a good way as three of my project were closed …. In the midst of that l texted. He offered to go with me to the doctors. Him and n are now in cahoots to take care of me and im was set on going alone. Im prideful and I know I need to knock it off. So an hour before the appointment I gave in. He picked me up and took me to the docs, waiting over an hour, because(shhhh total secret) im soooooo scared of needles that they had to put me out to inject my hip.

I had to tell the doctor that I must have fallen ne ause I still had a bruise from the couple, faded, but still there. After I was like a baby, cold, crying and a bit needy. That’s the part I didn’t want anyone to see. 

Today Sir made me clampy nipple for 5 (only if my hip pain was gone) since he looks forward to my blog and there was none. I don’t speak my feelings nearly as well as I write, so he couldn’t tell how my head was yesterday until he heard the bad pain in my voice.

After the Meds they gave my wore off it was horrible bad pain. Like a major league pitcher threw a home run at my ass!!! Worse than anything, even the last surgery. But I had company from the girls at work and the Meds from c, so once I stopped being a baby and took them, it went away.

I’m so afraid of becoming addicted to medication that I will try anything to not take them.

Now busy, such a big list and only today to do it all:(

But one more day and then I can relax with sir makes it worth this.

I didn’t realize the main reason I gave in and got the shot….. I didn’t want Sor to see me in pain again. We are going out Saturday and if my hip went out and the bad tears started, I just didn’t want to put him though that.

2 thoughts on “NO MORE PAIN!!!”

  1. Hi stranger! I’m glad you aren’t hurting! I must confess, I do wish I had the option to work from home some days but with security and phones, I don’t have that luxury. Yet 😊 Hope you enjoy your time with Sir. I know you always look forward to it.

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