Good vanilla and ? Kink

lets start by saying Dir and I walked 8 miles yesterday. Being a tourist in nyc is hard work!

We started with the met…. Needless to say he lost me to the degas room as he hung out with the other impressionists. I really forgot just how impressive and large that museam really is. 

I always get the question of is your D/s relationship a real relationship and yes it is. We were just a normal couple enjoying art together.

After we shared a pretzel on the stairs, oh carbs how I’ve missed you, but I only had a small bit, Sir even telling me to eat more, knowing that we still had a very long day ahead of us.

FGD came and met us there and off to the cloisters we went. I thought it would be much bigger, but the garden areas were magnificent. We all chatted and had a lovley time exploring. Sir took pictures of me in some amazing light, until we got yelled at by security:)

We stayed for a hawk expo and I was much more impressed with the owls than the Hawks.

After we headed to Dd.

A long talk in the car about fet girl and his want to go to the party she will be at with us tonight. We really tried to talk him out of it. I know it won’t go well.

So we had some time to kill. I got a protein bar, him some pizza. A stroll out on a peir and she still wasn’t ready. So we were giving her 10 more minutes before we headed home. My hip is mich better, but with the amount of stairs and such I was not in great shape.

We came in and talked a bit, poor p was there in nothing but his cage. Sir and them had dinner and he fed me a small bit of salmon. It was sweet as I really did need just a little food. Pp was under the table eating from his dog bowl with her feet on him.

We played a short bit and put a sharpe Mark around the i Je tion site, so it was not accidentally hit. It’s just a bit tender. I have to say if sir was not there, the most enjoyable part of play was getting to sit in childs pose to recover. I really miss yoga this week.

Into the living room and a standing shackle thing. Nice but by that time I really had nothing left to give energy wise. 

After we talked and Id told sir how asexual she was. I get nothing emotion wise from her. Turns out….she’s really not bi. 

My theory is someone must have put it in her head to get a subbie girl for when pp travels.

Oh there’s much more in those discussions, but that’s the highlights.

We took our long 3 train trip home and after taking care of puppies and a tiny food…. Cuddled all night/day. 

I’ve been up a couple of hours too physically exhausted to get out of bed. I was just enjoying the time in his arms.

Today is our lazy day…I’ll head to the gym at some point and cook a good meal, so we are rested and ready for a big night with many friends.

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