One year anniversary party

Last night was like 100 nights in one. Sir and I had a calm day. N L and M came over early. The plan was to get to the party when it was still rather empty so that we could pick a spot to set up for estim play with a friend doctor H.

As we pulled up we ran into Cane Girl. Not that she uses them as a implement, like me she has a hip injury. She had a play partner with her and we said hi and all did the obligatory shoe change before heading in. I had warned the group, this is not like the other places I’ve taken you. This one the crowd changes all night and at points you need to stay away from the bottom floor….more on that later, as I always forget my own damn advise.

To break down everyone there would take all night. If you’ve ever seen gangs o new york, when all the groups from all the different parts of the city converge at one spot…..that’s exactly what happen. Everywhere we went I said hi, hello, how are you….I really didn’t know just how many people I have mt until last night.

N had her new toys, a hitachi ad a strap on. L has this thing about seeing M Dommed sexually by a woman and honestly I just can’t with her. See her hard limits are my must haves. Sir told N something along the lines of her having to wear the strapon at the party. She just needed to be told to do it and before you knew it she had M in hand and headed to the swinger room. I stayed away, knowing that L was with them and Sir checking to make sure they were safe. We are too good of friends that me around may have thrown her off mentally.

Plus I was on a mission to do my own seen. Then my little French shadow showed up. I’m so glad Sir got to meet him. He’s really hard to explain and I had known I never did him justice to Sir. He’s literally this sweet young polite french guy that has no experience except for the munch we met at and the two clubs we’ve gone to, but he’s adorable.

Oh so during all of this Sir is talking to can girl and Fetgirl and her vanillas show up. This is where life gets complicated. Sir had agreed to give her good pain that’s she’s missed since the break up and with us spending the day with FGD, it was like being ripped apart. I even at one point asked him “is it wrong that I’d much rather be at a party with him than her?”

But now I’m getting off topic. Back to the scene, after much stalking we manage to get a table in the swingers room to set up. Doc H covers all the universal precautions and we decide to do something quick and easy as so much time had past already. Cane girl gave me a nice yet ever so gentle spanking and then I laid down. A pad on my clit and one right past my hole. It is not painful, but so hard to explain. I told Sir that I was really afraid after all of this time and training that I would not be able to not cum. Turns out I was able to really enjoy it and still keep my control. Sir allowed many O’s and I went about 4 rounds. During this fg was kissing me and …god it was so empty. I felt like a tool she was using to get her vanilla guy hard. At one point I almost told her to stop, but luckily she saw the sibian and decided to go for a ride, leaving me to enjoy my scene.

I’m also noticing that as my body keeps changing the exhibitionist in me is starting to come back. Sir finally got to see the outfit from the other week and told me to bring it along. So my slutty little black dress made way for my Domme outfit. Funny when that was on I was able to move a bit easier through the club until later. After I was done I flitted around and somehow lost my little shadow, he had gone home. L M and N played a little on a cross and Sir and I were trying our best to avoid fetgirl….but she found us and the spanking was given. I didn’t realize until then, I don’t think Sir ever saw me top a girl like that. There was not a damn thing sexual about it. Plus I remembered she had said that if you don’t talk to her she gets bored. She was over Sirs knee with a vanilla cock in her mouth and he gave me the crop. So I basically shit talked her sucking ability etc and it felt good to get out my aggression on her as she has caused me and Sir a great deal of stress. I would look at Sir for the “ok” that I was not going over board and he was fine. lol, I guess I showed him a new side of his slave girl.

There were no more scenes for me and I spent the rest of the night socializing. I was trying to find my little threesome to see if they wanted to get breakfast and was walking through the bottom floor alone. Oops…..the fucking crowd had changes and I went to the swingers room to look for them. Luckily I had an older Subbie guy that is in lust with Fetgirl behind me. I took a couple of steps into the room and saw they weren’t there (I was so happy they weren’t) and then tried to leave as a bunch of men blocked me…..I asked them to move, nothing….I tried to push one and then subbie guy grabbed me and got me out. Thank god. He followed me back up the stairs and made me promise not to go back down. That’s a promise I had no problem keeping. You’d think dressed in full Domme gear they would have had a little respect, but nope.

Almost ready to go N still had not used her hitachi. I was talking to a rigger friend and Sir said she had to use it before we left. He found a plug and told me to do it as she was up against the cross. It just really felt super off to me and I made her cum as quick as I could to get the hell out of there.

We played with the idea of breakfast, but it ended up just me Sir and N talking as they ate bagels and coffee.

We chatted until the sun came up and Sir gave N much to think about.

All in all it was a fun night. I’ve checked on everyone an they seen to be good, guess that’s the best I could hope for.




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