A lazy day

After a big night out, Sir and I will generally plan to just be.

Yesterday waking rather late I headed to the gym, I don’t want to break that routine. After was just hanging and food and me falling asleep as he got caught up on GOT. I fell bad, but I just can’t watch more than 2 hours of tv (unless I’m knitting) without going into a coma.

Before that I cooked and we had nice chats about the night before and the people we met.

I had an amusing thought….there was a long time I had pondered writing my life story. The early years…I had a title for that. It would carry me through to the start of my marriage. Yesterday it hit me, the title for this part of my life “My perpetually Bruised Ass” Sir had asked when I was going to get the shot in my other hip and the only thing I could say is, “When I have no bruises on my ass” Funny that I’m going to need to plan ahead to make sure my poor ass is mark free 🙂

So today I’m up early, super well rested and finally able to (with my doctors blessing) go to yoga. It’s a nice treat because this is a class I hardly ever go to since I’m working on most Monday mornings.

I set up Sir’s coffee and breakfast items, just in case he wakes up while I’m gone. If the weather clears, we have a nice day out with friends planned. If not maybe a short trip to get some pizza. Yes, the big cheat day….oh how I’ve missed pizza.

Sir also found an event next month that we may go to with FGD. Turns out I had already RSVP’d maybe for it, not realizing what an amazing event it looks like. It’s the type of thing you only want to share with just a couple of close friends, not the crazy big group thing like Saturday’s party. When FG and FGD broke up, I have maintained I will not choose sides, but this weekend has really opened my eyes to the fact that I would much rather be in his company that hers, and I believe Sir agrees. This will be an event that you need to appreciate the visual aspect of things, not really the play stuff. With her, she needs to be the center of attention, not the spectator.


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