Don’t use me

i don’t mean in the fill my holes kind of way…..

I get a message today wanting to know if I know any females subs that will do house cleaning and organizing (Clarification-the cleaning is for her and her husband, not part of a scene or play) in return for being topped at their (the subs)house.

I almost responded, are you asking me to clean your house?

I took a breath and replied that I enjoy cleaning and organizing with ocd tendencies, I don’t do that for others, but I’ll keep an eye out. Then suggested that I know of many male subs that are into nsa housework as a kink, but not many females.

For some reason this entire conversation has really rubbed me the wrong way.

Here’s the thing. I need a connection. I don’t need another service top. I’m sick of this mindframe of what I can do for you, hello im a person here……

So I asked why not a male, her spouse is not ok with it. I also inquired if she spoke with him regarding her limitations with females, Nope.

Am I being to sensitive?

It’s not like if we were to connect I wouldn’t think of doing that eventually, but I don’t need a service agreement, I need emotions.

I seem to be running into more and more people that lack depth.

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