Hi monday

you came way too fast. 

Last night I had a final tally of energy and looking at the 9.5 miles I had walked…..pushed past the tired and jogged in place until the pedometer showed 10. 

In a prior conversation Sir said it was the second time I’ve gotten close and I should see if I can get there as it would give me a great sense of accomplishment.

I sent him a pic…. The mileage at 10.1, with a note that… I do as im told. I really didn’t think anything of the statement, it was more of a thank you to him.

This morning I awake to a few very sweet emails. One of them complimenting me for doing as im told. I try ….. Most times I suceed. It’s funny because I don’t always do it just for him. I’ve learned the majority of his commands not only benefit me as a person, but more so benefit us together. Through each one I learn to trust just a little more.

I. Our very first messages I was up front about my baggage and how wrong things went with my ex Dom and husband. I was hopeful, sad, yet hopeful.

It seems like a lifetime ago.

Side note: even with all the walking I came in second place, it was a much more needed victory for her.

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