Searching for the Pain

Yesterday was just all around frustrating.

Work went well enough, long yet productive.

With me on an impact play sabbatical of sorts, I seek out the pain elsewhere. No, not nipple clamps, but the gym. So I thought good I’ll run for an hour then do a really hard yoga class. The universe had other plans for me.

I get there and all of the elliptical machines are taken. I can’t run on a treadmill or outside due to the knees and hips isuues, not to mention the feet and toes that have been broken way too many times to count. I go to the bikes, but a damn class has taken them all….so now I’m in staler mode, finally a girl gets off and I slide onto her machine. fifteen minutes wasted. I warm up and Boom FGD texts….he saw her change of relationship status is fucking loosing it. I debate, get off the machine or multi task. I keep thinking right now I should be bent over with a damn hitachi on my clit and a Domme beating my ass, but no….not my fate. Why, oh why did she have to break his heart like that. I saw it yesterday and just couldn’t tell him. Then what he hasn’t found out is she added 3 more….fuck….fuck, that was my initial response to him. So my workout was by no means full throttle as I was calming him down.

He had a date with a FWB planned and was calming down…the timing was good because yoga was about to begin. I go to the class and see the one and only teacher that I hate, I mean really hate. Her class is boring and I know there’s no pain to be had….Hatha yoga. Hatha is only for Monday and only tolerable with Hippy Guy. Sadly I stayed….thinking well maybe she knows it’s a vinyasa flow and maybe she will adapt. No such luck!!!!!

Same old boring class and her voice makes me angry then it hits me, she looks and sounds like an old dance instructor I had….even down to the music, not yoga music, ballet music. Instant trigger, that’s why I hate the class so much. I made it breezing to the end and left with a bit of a huff and shitty attitude.

I returned home and Sir being ill was sleeping, so I sent some texts, reaching out to beautiful O and a few others. I answered some messages and now I’m turning  in early. Up to do many many things before a special day I have planned.I think tomorrow I may find the release I am seeking, or at least I hope so.


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