Sir mentioned last night that the last few weeks I’ve been doing things for others and coming out of my shell even more.

I realized yesterday that I’ve also been doing things for myself and not realizing what very big steps they were.

It was a very simple thing that didn’t seem like much. I love a good sale and found one. I was ordering bras for work, nothing fancy…. And I saw a peice of lingerie that I have been eyeing for a year.

When my marriage ended, I threw out every pretty peice I had…actually I burned them in a barrel at C’s house….. Hundreds of dollars of lace and silk, gone. I promised never again. Since then I’ve brought fetish wear and an occasion nice slip, but nothing else.

So not recalling that I ordered it, thinking it won’t fit, I’ll look stupid….and so forth.

It came last night and regardless of the sunburn on my tummy I tried it on and cried. It fit…..a little way im healing more and more each day.

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