Tgif- take 2

ugh…warning …. This will be mostly a rant rather than a post.

I woke up way too early. Went to the gym at 6 am. Gained a fucking pound and a half inch on my waist. My brain knows I had the shot and im getting my period, but fuck, I really still worked hard this week:(

Then I come into work and see someone forwarded me a 9am meeting at 5pm last night. I had talked to this passive Agressive fuck on Monday and told her, this has nothing to do with me, so she waited until I signed off for the night. I had no choice but to join since every director and vp were included. So I did what I knew was best I called in so no one would see the bitter look of death stare I would have given her.

As the meeting wrapped up I sent her, her boss and my people an email. Basically telling her she’s a fucking idiot im the coldest most professional way.

The point, all the crap she wants was documented last year. She had no request for anything new, therefore no one was assigned to it.

I told my boss and her reaction is the reason I still work her. “What a stupid bitch” she went on to say how passive Agressive her meeting invite was and she was shocked I bothered to call in. I confessed i dos it so she couldn’t bad mouth me to the hire ups and to call her out about her lack of a request.

Ps half a day done and still no formal request.

That is all just the surface stuff.

Inside my mind is fucking screaming. Funny it’s only been a few weeks but the lack of anything but bad pain has me to the point of snapping.

Little R will probably be the reciever of my anger today.

If she shows up, that is. This will be time 7 she’s made plans and Ive carved exactly one hour out for her just in case she decides to bail again.

What im most afraid im going to say to her? I’m not your fucking mommy, I don’t fuck you and you don’t fuck me, so stop sucking all of my energy out. By this I mean the never ending calls. Every morning she’d call. Now that she has a new job she still does, but can’t understand since she leaves earlier, im in the shower! She acctually told me I should get ready earlier so I was able to pick up…, really? That and im still talking her off a ledge every day, no thank yous or anything. Just back handed compliments. Worst, if I ever call her, voicemail, that’s what I get.

My only saving grace is that I have a slow day now, after the mornings issues, no meetings, all my documents are done…..

I have nothing but great plans this weekend and im hoping with just a little stress relief, my mood will improve later, if not, watch out world….

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