Rope Night

So a mere 10 blocks away from my house is a monthly private “friends” only party.

It’s an understatement to say I’ve been reluctant to go, so when the female half of the couple said she was going and I should stop by I had my reservations. Knowing it was so close to home, I reached out to the party throwers and got the ok to come. I’ve traveled in the same circles as them for a very long time and BG is now very much their third, so I had no worries that they would say yes.

I stopped at a store that sells all unusual kinds of dollar candy and since the hostess is a brat, what better way to say thanks than a bag of candy. I also made my new 20 calorie drinks and they were a big hit, since rope bunnies are always on diets.

The two of us hung out the whole night, just watching the rope. She got a little drunk, just drinking mostly vodka, I would have been worried, but she was traveling with her baby girl, so someone was there to make sure she got home safe. It’s really weir thinking that someone else had to do the miserable 3 train ride home, just glad it wasn’t me.

I also met a really friendly and down to earth sadist CM. We bonded as most smokers do over our need to step out for a smoke in mid party. The three of us had a long talk of parties and dynamics. It’s funny because up until last night I didn’t know that she isn’t poly. I would have thought with both of their outside relationships that would be a title they would use. Her explanation is she only loves one person at a time and that’s one of the most honest things I’ve ever heard.  We also spoke of the fact that separating BDSm from sex is not possible for us (thank god). I told her about Domme D and her brutal lack of arousal or emotional connection. I mean I get it, you don’t have to love me, but god damn you just beat me for an hour, at least did I make you wet? I believe I actually said that to much laughter.

Cm told me about this private club that has really nice play parties and showed me some picks. Very upscale and I thought Sir would really like this. I shared my plans of tonight’s event and he was super interested, so I said sure, if we he can get a ticket at this late time, he is more than welcome to join us.  When we went back up he had a rope scene with BG and we went to watch one of the prettiest suspensions I’ve seen to date. The more I meet rope people the more set I am on having one person tie me. He does pretty rope, takes his time and always makes sure to grab that very pretty pick. The host was mocking him for that, since his rope is much more about being sadistic than artsy.

There was also a tit torture rope thing with purple boobs and lots of bruises. Really still not my thing and I’m going to check on the girl later, because damn that’s going to hurt for a long time to come.

I was pretty happy Sir didn’t come to that, I don’t think he would have had a good time. I know that much later the party changes to full play, but there was no way I was sticking around for that. The only person I had interest in was way to drunk to play and if history stands it tends to get bloody. That’s also something I’m still not so good with.

So all in all it was not what I expected, but the company and environment calmed me down. Sir was expecting me to go and get a good spanking to reset me, but instead some good conversation and being in a small place with so many like minded people did close to the same thing. I’m still a little edgy, I know this because I couldn’t sleep long. I finally solved the insomnia mystery. It’s the masochistic side of me. When I don’t get good pain, my body says screw you, you don’t get sleep either!!!!



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