Sia and Scared Girls

So something I’ve been running into more often than not, since I started on the journey will Sir, scared girls.

I’m lucky in the sense that I too am one of them, but I have him to guide me and give me the much needed pep talk or even more needed command at times.

You may thing, what does this have to do with Sia??? Well, I’ll tell you, this bitch of a song has haunted me everywhere I go the last day and a half.

So let’s start with Cane girl. See I don’t think she expected to feel what she did at the anniversary party. So now I hear from her intermittently and it’s frustrating and complicated and I get it. Problem is when people are busy figuring themselves out, they forget that they are fucking with peoples feelings.

I am a person. I had/have feelings.

Don’t think you can ghost and then “time makes the heart grow fonder” because I am an example that it is quite the opposite. I get angry, pissed and I go cold. This is something that no matter what, Sir can not change.

I debated on weather to write this or just swallow it and move on. I don’t need the bitterness of leaving this unaddressed. He’s taught me better than that. So lesson, when you close a chapter of your life, don’t try to reopen it a year later and expect the person to respond kindly.

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