Where did all the goth girls go? a prelude

I skipped a really big part of yesterday.

When I don’t hit the reset button on the masochistic side of me, the hyper type A is allowed to run rampant. This means sleep is something just out of reach, so with no more than four hours the last 4 days or so, I had a game plan.

Get up, gym an hour (fucking scale), head to the beach. Oh and buy a new bikini top, because the other one left the most dreadful tan lines and find a garter-belt (story aside, almost killed little R). On to the crowded long …long, yes, really long bus ride. Get off in russia to by far the most beautiful day. I laid out for an hour, evening out the white spots thanks to the top and sand storm the other week and then started my walk to see the mermaids.

I got there and wanted to get to the other side where the food and drinks were but I was about 5 minutes to late. A very nice tall guy from out of state took pity on my height issue and allowed me to go in front of him after hearing Sir and I’s conversation.

I explained that my boyfriend lived out of town and was too sick to make it in, so I came alone just to send him some pictures of mermaid boobs to cheer him up. He laughed and with his help by the end I was all the way at the police barrier.

It was ok, got a couple of ok pics and sent Sir some Hail Mary Video.

The notable part of the day was walking back. I was very much in my own little music filled walking world, when I saw the most striking woman ever. Ha, and of course it is someone thanks to Fet and many other shows and parties I know of. She had an aura that was …..indescribable. She’s neither D or S, she is a professional rope bottom and ex dancer and so many other things. Her pictures really do her not an ounce of justice. They were (no, he was) in a heated conversation so stopping to say hi would have been totally rude, plus, hell I looked like crap. So I knew I would see them later at the party. Not sticking around long enough to socialize I sent a note today complimenting the scene last night.

When she bottoms her entire persona changes and she becomes soft. He becomes the star. I’m so happy I could see them off the stage to see how the “real” people actually are.

I came home to a couple of short calls with Sir, an even shorter nap and off to the parties

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