Where did all the goth girls go?

I found them!!!

lol, that was my thought as I entered the event last night. It was very much what I told Sir I thought it would be. The venue was something that dreams are made of. You walked in and kind of had your breath taken away.

It was much more show than anything else and as I stood there looking around, I started to see 2 groups of familiar faces. The first, basically the NYC kink royalty and the second (I could not have guessed) people I knew from old days in the club scene and from the goth clubs. N looked at me and said, “all the goth kids grew up?” ha! Yes, true. We watched stunning rope and that’s when I looked at her and said “this will be good for tops 2 hours and then we need to go. I think she was a bit surprised by that, and an hour later she was the first to say let’s leave.

It brings me back to a much conversation about S&M. Yes, stand and model. Very funny thing is I’m standing there next to a woman with no less than a grand of latex on in my $32 dollar outfit, being just as S&M as her 🙂

At that point N and bible girl agreed, we’d had enough, yes I’m sure it was in ways a play party, but with 200 people and very limited play space, if we stayed all we would get is hurt feet. We told FGD and his new FWB that we needed to go, he still wanted to enjoy the visuals so he promised to meet up with us in a little bit. As we left I found the hidden play areas, but they were packed and the lines to get in were long.

I still think that this is an event that Sir would want to experience, but now I know as soon as we go in head right for the playroom, the sights can wait.

Bible girl being new to these events and her main point of party refernece being paddles I explained that where we were heading was much more like that favorite neighborhood bar, think cheers. So we traveled from the swanky night spot over to a place more like home.


When we got there it was pretty empty and bible girl looked at me like, “really?” fast forward 10 minutes and after introducing her to literally every person there, she understood why we left the other place. As is the norm, with in minutes everyone there was involved in some sort of play and that’s when she realized she had stepped into a group that as friendly as they are, was full of long time play partners and smaller groups of real friends.

There were many funny things and conversations that happened, but the most important…..my pearly white ass is not longer so shiny. As promised FGD came in not far behind us saying his palm was getting rather twitchy. We told him he had a line of three waiting already, but knowing how long I had waited I got to go first. It was so weird, I love pain and there are times that a bare hand is more than enough to get me begging to cum. I was begging on the warm up. The second the first semi-hard hit came the tears came and I hot subspace pretty hard many times. Another good thing is I have earned the status at this party to use my phone. So N told me as soon as the warm up was done, he told her get her phone.

I called and Sir said more edges and to call back in 5 minutes, a second later a text came through that said call in 3. God I must have sounded needy and FGD had nothing but respect in Sir making me wait just a little. When I came all the anger and stress and the rest of the shit I was holding onto for the last few weeks floated away. As we did the last time, there was aftercare and I’m getting much better at being ok with that.

So many other little things happened it’s really hard to recall….guess I’ll write a part 2 later



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