Where did all the Goth Girls Go-Part2

Yes, it took me a bit to get back to Saturday night’s story.

After my O’s and cuddles, I became a much nicer calmer me. Sir said I could have one more spanking, but just edges. He was still sick and it was already 2 am. FGD had a line of willing subs to take care of.

Then there was N, all she ever says is “I’m not playing”, HA! What a laugh. She has a total of two hours max of will power, so not long after those beautiful gloves were being used on her.

The party itself was small and just people that really know each other. I had a very long chat with the cute hair girl regarding our vanilla friend. she’s going though some really bad times with her family and we are planning to kidnap her and take her on a girls day down to the shore to make her remember we care.

I also had another conversation with the male half about him wanting me to Dom the female half. Turns out he is amazed at how much she likes me. I guess kinda like yours truly, she keeps people at arms length and for as much as she wants and enjoys a connection, she hardly ever has one. He said that he knows that it’s something she has wanted, but had never found the right person. Then because he’s a “domly Dom” he turned to N and asked if she knew how to use a strapon and if she was interested in participating. That was half a joke and half not. We explained that we don’t play together. We are just friends and that in our group, the play he sees in public, is really all that there is. We are all too god of friends to let the emotions of private play and messy realtionships ruin what we’ve managed to build.

I know in theory N and the others like L&M understand this, but they didn’t live through what happened back around the holidays. I don’t want to see another group of friends devolve like that.

I’m sure I missed a hundred other little things, but as the night wrapped up FGD told me he really liked that place. Then he laughed and said, no, it’s not the place but the people. I did get that other spanking with no cums. He had at least 4 scene’s and plenty of aftercare. His FWB was also very happy and they left with big smiles on. I think that’s one of the best parts about putting these nights together, seeing everyone so happy as they head home.

The three girls in the care….we headed home as the sun came up. Bible girl thanked me for taking her under my wing and showing her such a good and safe time. Plus it had been years since she had broken dawn because she was out having fun.

I managed to get three hours of sleep before I was up and heading back to the gym. That whole I need a spanking so I can sleep thought, totally wrong. That afternoon L&M picked me up and we headed to Folsom East. I had 3 goals for the day. First as Sir commanded I was to take a topless photo (it’s totally legal in NYC), second say hi to the couple, and last……buy a flogger. The flogger is a story for another post.

As soon as we got in, it was clear this was not at all like the Cali event and I was one of 5 (Yes, I counted) females there. Luckily I knew three out of the four, so saying Hi to the couple was easy. As I said Hi, there was a small break in the crowd, so I made L’s day and handed him the phone, saying take a pic and flashed him.

It was hot and the vendors were too expensive and the shows were geared towards a different group of kinksters, so we left.

As we were going we past an entrance to the high-line. I mentioned I had never been and even with my knee felling off and my patella brace hidden under my dress we made the climb up. We didn’t last long, but when I get a free day, I’d really like to go alone and walk the entire thing alone. It’s a great place to be alone in the crowd.


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